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This is an on-line shop where you can buy vintage buttons, antique buttons, Mother of pearl, metal, celluloid, bakelite, wood, Art Deco, black glass, clear glass or coloured glass buttons, "Austrian tinies", metal and enamel buttons, vintage rhinestone, cut steel, large buttons and tiny dolls size buttons, and much much more.

This site is for button lovers everywhere.  There are so many uses for buttons - for sewing, or embelishments for craft projects, for studying design and social history, or just to assemble, sort, arrange, enjoy, and (especially in the US) enter in competitions.

I have been a collector for some time.  Below are some of the first ones I collected:

vintage button collection


And all kinds of "pretty" buttons have an instant appeal:



I also love early plastics, Bakelite, celluloids, and all things Art Deco. Such a variety of shapes and textures - they just don't make them like this any more:



So go to the left hand menu in the BUTTON SHOP where you can find examples like these.

I aim to sell all sorts of buttons (except mass produced modern imports or military buttons).   I am a member of the British Button Society and am continually learning about buttons - so comments or questions are always welcome - contact me via the contact form in the menu.

Feedback to share with others, about any buttons you have purchased, is also welcome - please leave your comments on the Feedback page in the menu.